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Monster Spray - A Little Dab'll Do Ya

Monday, June 24, 2013

For the longest time, we had two very large and fluffy members of our family named Jasper and Randy. You may remember them participating in some of our earlier Family Halloween Costumes.

Here's Jasper:

And here's Randy:

For the longest time they WERE our children, and when the boys came along, they were excellent big brothers. Randy slept under Aidyn's bed every night, and Jasper took to sleeping with Jaxon. This worked out quite well for our family.

Of course, when the time came for Jasper and Randy to cross over the Rainbow Bridge, the boys took it very hard. Randy left us first, and the boys were comforted to still have Jasper. By the time Jasper passed away, we had Smitty:

And as much as they love little Smitty, that wasn't much comfort to Jaxon . . . especially at night time. He had developed a fear of "monsters." He was convinced that the monsters were going to get him since Jasper wasn't there to protect him. We told him that monsters didn't exist. And he told us that he knew they existed because he had seen them in cartoons! So we explained that Smitty would protect him like Jasper used to. And he told us in no uncertain terms that Smitty was smaller than he was and that the monsters would get him too! (So I guess sometimes you CAN be outsmarted by youngsters!)

In an effort to keep the peace and defeat the monsters, I made sure that Jaxon (and Smitty who sleeps in his room and is clearly also in mortal danger) are never without a bottle of "Monsteze Monster Spray." For those of you who may be unawares, this is simply a bottle of Febreze with this shmancy label:

If you'd like to recreate this for your own little ones, simply download the free printable Monsteze Label, trim to size, and affix to your own bottle of Febreze. (Note: This printable is made for the larger 1.05 quart size Febreze bottle. Perhaps print it at a smaller percentage if you wish to affix it to a smaller bottle.)

Directions for Use:
  1. Before bedtime, spray at doorway, at closet opening, under windows, and under bed.
  2. Explain that this will ensure that no monsters will enter the room and that any that may already be in the room will vanish in a puff of smoke (never to be seen or heard from again)!
  3. Also explain that since Monsteze Monster Spray is so very powerful, "a little dab'll do ya!"
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