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Come on, Baby, Light My Fire

Sunday, June 2, 2013

So this is a handy tip for celebrating birthdays of people who fall into the *cough* older *cough cough*category. I mean, really, their cakes aren't going to have anything cool like Spiderman scaling up the side or an entire rain forest with Diego exploring on top, so why not give them SOMETHING to look forward to?
Count out the correct number of birthday candles, and then arrange them on the cake to "spell out" the age. Personally, I think it works best for people who are still fit enough to blow out THIS many candles, but you make the call on that one. ;-)
These are some examples of some birthday cakes that I've decked out for one Ryan Barrett Walkush. (PS Isn't my husband cute? Hubba Hubba)

And here's one last helpful tip. The Dollar Store sells large packages of birthday candles. The last package I got there had 100 candles. (Note: I do not recommend spelling out "100" for your favorite centenarian and expecting said person to blow out those candles. That is too much, people.) But DO stock up on your candles at the Dollar Store - you won't feel bad using up so many on this endeavor if you only spent a buck.
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