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Charlotte (and her purple crayon) Takes on a Green Breakfast and a Twister!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Julie Andrews, you are not alone.  I, too, like to keep track of my favorite things!  One of them, from this school year, was this poster Charlotte and I worked on for a new program at school:

After I gave Charlotte the usual speech about filling up the entire poster board, she whipped this one out, and I helped her color it.  Green eggs and ham seemed pretty appropriate to promote breakfast.  This one was so fun to do, we decided to try our hand at another one, and came up with this one:

I just happened to notice yesterday when I went to Charlotte's end of year talent show that these babies were taking up prime real estate in the cafeteria!  Excellente!  as the baby would say.

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Deanna C said...

Misty, Charlotte is such a talented artiste! These are fantastic!

Misty Turner said...

She sure is! People probably think I did them. I did give her a little guidance, and helped her a little with the box for the hot air balloon, but really it was all her. Of course, she does have a wonderfully artistic mom who knows that oil pastels really stand out! Her coach said that he was going to frame them and he hung them high, so his kindergartners couldn't "put their grubby fingerprints on them." lol

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