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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

. . . to say happy birthday to the other Harris sister - Misty!

Here we are at Halloween 2009. And unlike most sisters who might fight like cats and dogs (or superheroes and villains) sometimes, we Harris sisters have always gotten along quite well.

Misty has always been the super creative one who has made her own path.

For example, when we were all enamored with New Kids on the Block back in the day, I was a Jordan girl (he was the dreamy one). Deanna was a Joey girl (he was the young one). And Misty was a Donnie girl (he was the bad boy). And wouldn't you know it? Donnie was the one who turned out to have an actual CAREER after New Kids on the Block! (He was on Jenny McCarthy's show the other night promoting NKOTB's new tour.) Dang, Misty, you really know how to pick 'em!

So as a birthday shout-out, Misty, this one by the other famous Walhberg sibling is for you. (If I remember correctly "Donnie D's on the back up" - those Walhberg boys know how to hustle.)

Wishing you nothing but Good Vibrations on your birthday today.

Love you and Happy Birthday!
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