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Throwback Thursday

Thursday, April 25, 2013

My, my, my...  It sure is fun to walk down memory lane sometimes.  And sometimes it's even nicer to come right on back to reality!  My husband and I have been dutiful this year in our spring cleaning, and among the things I uncovered were my old high school yearbooks.  

So I give you Exhibit A in today's edition of Throwback Thursday.  Both Donna and I appear in this picture. We competed in the Roxboro Junior Miss pageant back in 1994, and here is the group shot of all the lovely contestants.  Donna is pictured on the far right of the front row, and I am on the far right in the middle row.  

Funny thing about this picture...   We actually wore the hideous fluffy white dresses in this photo in the pageant as well.  They were extremely hot and difficult to get on and off.  I am pretty sure they also featured a large unsightly bow on the butt.  I cannot confirm that now, as I have thankfully parted ways with this dress many moons ago.  Anyway, I ended up ripping my dress in one of many dress rehearsals, which is why I was asked to sit on the couch for this photo (so the damage to my dress couldn't be seen).  The other two also pictured on the couch with me had similar issues with their dresses.  So we united in our common loathe for these monstrosities, even as we smiled like there was no tomorrow.

Ahhh, memory lane.  Ain't it grand?
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Misty Turner said...

If only you had saved those dresses--we could wear them in the color run!

Deanna C said...

Well, we would need to round up 3 of them. Although I can't think of anything better to destroy in a color run.

Donna Walkush said...

1. I can confirm the presence of the butt bow on these "gems." 2. Are we absolutely positive that these aren't hiding out in the dark depths of one of Daddy's closets? :-)

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