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Have a Coke and Some Style

Sunday, April 14, 2013

When you're out thrifting, don't pass over any vintage soda bottles that you might see. You know that they are at nearly every place you frequent, and you probably pass them over every time in favor of searching for the thing that you're REALLY looking for. BUT look what you can do with them:

THIS is what I do with mine. I line these beauties up like little soldiers on my kitchen windowsill all year. The sun shines through them and they are beautiful in their own right. They remind me of times gone by when people used to sit on their porches and drink RC Colas and eat Moon Pies. (Note to Self: Secure an RC Cola bottle for windowsill.)

When Spring rolls around, they provide the perfect opportunity to root cuttings and hold a flower or two. The bottle on the end is currently holding a philodendron cutting and the one in the middle is serving as a vase for a Gerbera daisy.

This is just a photo of what my window looks like today, but imagine these beauties with a Gerber in each one. So bring a little retro flair into your kitchen with this idea. You'll be glad you did.
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all the latest in heavensville said...

Misty, you just cost me $11.93. I love soda bottles, too, nothing better than a pretty flower in an old pop bottle. And since, like Deanna, I am crazy about anything with cherries, I saw your Cheerwine Bottle and went ohhhhhh, I want it! So then I hopped over to eBay, and bought, not a vintage Cheerwine Soda Bottle, but a newer version, because I loved the great graphic on it and the size of it (8 oz.) Here's the link, just had to have it!


Donna Walkush said...

I'm not surprised - several of the shops around here will put them out "for display only" and I don't know if they'd even take $11.93 for a bottle. They are usually the really old ones (larger size), so I guess they are the owners' prized possessions. . . . Doesn't stop me from asking every time I see them though.

Moi ~ My family says I have no filter. I open my mouth and say stupid things, I've always been this way... said...

Oops, wrong Harris Sister. I HAVE to wear my glasses when I read this stuff. *blush*

I'm really excited about this, our local soda is Ski and Nehi, not nearly as much fun as your Cheerwine. Just something about anything with cherries on it, Donna, love them!

Your kitchen windows is wonderful!!!

Donna Walkush said...

No worries - when I saw that someone was on the hook for your $11.93 bill, I figured it might as well be Misty. She gets in trouble for everything. :-)

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