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Ooh, Baby, Baby

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Baby, Baby,
Ooh, Baby, Baby,
Baby, Baby

(name that song without Googling it . . .)

Whenever we have a little one joining the family, I get crafty. So, this was my latest creation for my husband's cousin:

One of my favorite sites is Ravelry. Once you create an account (for free!), you then have access to tons of free crochet and knitting patterns, you can post photos of your creations, and you can interact with other fiber artists such as myself.

For new those new to the craft, the benefit is that the patterns have been tested and people leave comments so that you can tell right away if the pattern is for you. You can also join groups and get tips and advice from "dyed-in-the-wool" knitters and crocheters and see their expertly crafted projects, which helps you develop as an artist. As Martha would say - it's a good thing.

This baby blanket, for example, was created by joining 9 separate 12" square patterns that all use the same color motif. The free crochet patterns for the squares used in this afghan were:

I have found through trial and error with my own kids that about 3' X 3' square is the perfect size for a baby blanket. While it might seem large for a newborn, newborns grow really fast and toddlers like blankets too!
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