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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This is where I perch as I'm watching Baby Emmers savor every last drop of bath water.  (Of course, it's closed, but I'm sure it still sparkles just like that.)  If only, now, the hubby, in his most recent act of clumsiness, hadn't fallen on and broken it.  We have yet to get a new toilet seat, and somehow, that seems to slip my mind every time I gently shift my weight and almost fall in.  Sigh!

The toilet seat is also from where new you tube sensation, Psy reigns.

Videos like this go crazy in my house or should I say drive Howard crazy.  Ironically enough, Psy is making a political statement.  A friend of mine researched and "Psy is making a statement w/ the song saying that the Gangnam area in Seoul has become too rich and too materialistic."   Thank you, Cundo.  I would have never known.  But still definitely a cool dance.  And here's the snl version:


Now, That's Legit!

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