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Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come for You?

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Well, a little late posting, but I would not EVER leave you without knowing what the Walkush family Halloween costume choice was for 2015. This year, the boys wanted to be police officers. And considering we had recently added a German Shepherd to our family, we felt like we already had a built in K-9 officer! SCORE!

2015 Walkush Family in hot pursuit of an escaped prisoner - wanted for disemboweling stuffed animals and three known dog beds.

Aidyn - age 10

Jaxon - age 7

Smitty - age 7

In hot pursuit of the escaped prisoner.

Got him! (Chance - age 1)

Be advised that the prisoner is in custody. Over.

Time to celebrate with doughnuts!

Patrolling the neighborhood.


Even though we had planned for our German Shepherd Chance to be our K-9 officer, when Smitty's costume arrived in the mail, it was larger than the size we ordered. We had to make a last-minute change-a-roo with their costumes. The K-9 costume that we had ordered for Chance was made of a stretchy material, so even though it was still a little big on Smitty, it ended up fitting him much better than the prisoner costume.

Krispy Kreme will serve you a free doughnut if you visit on Halloween day in your costume. This was the perfect photo op for our boys in their police officer costumes. (And really, the perfect treat for Halloween afternoon for any little spook!)

The police cruiser was courtesy of one of our neighbors. Make sure to use your resources for Halloween photo ops! This particular vehicle is always parked in the same spot in this driveway in the neighborhood every day, so we knew we would swing by on our trick-or-treat route. Super easy to stop for a photo.

If you're looking to buy police officer costumes for members of your family, these are my tips. 

  1. We opted only to buy costume shirts and a few accessories. We paired these with plain black pants and black belts. We already had aviator sunglasses, toy guns, holsters, and walkie talkies at home.
  2. They sell men's shirts as "one size fits all" - these are intended for men. I bought one for myself thinking that I might be able to fit into one because Halloween costumes tend to run small. I tried one of them on and found it fit like a very large dress. These run large even for men. It was even a bit baggy on my 6'2" husband. We kept one for my husband and returned mine.
  3. They sell boys' shirts sized "up to age 10." Both boys are wearing that size shirt. I also tried on one of their shirts to see if there was any way that one of those might fit me. The shirt actually fit fine in the shoulders and waist. However, you would have to have absolutely no chest whatsoever to get one of these shirts to fit you buttoned as an actual police officer shirt. These shirts would also be good options for girls who want to be police officers but don't want to wear the dress style costumes. 
  4. They sell "sassy police officer" shirts for women, which look nothing like the boys' or men's shirts. They are low cut and have black leather accents. I passed on this look, so I have no idea how this fits.
  5. They sell "police officer dress" for women, which was the most similar to the boys' and men's shirts. The only difference is that it is a dress (which police officers do not wear), the buttons are not gold tone, and the patches on the sleeves are not embroidered. The dress cost $5.00 more than the men's shirt.

Below are photos of me in the "dress" - I was going to attempt to wear it with leggings and tall boots, but it was also a bit large on me. So, I opted to cut the bottom part of it to shirt length and wear it with a pair of black pants. Voila! My costume matched the rest of my family, and I actually had one little girl as me if I was a police officer (highly unlikely with the other options),

Hope your family had a happy Halloween! (And I hope some of these costume tips helped - there are a TON of police costumes out there.) 

Please make sure to check out our previous year's Halloween costumes here. Many good group ideas and links to DIY tutorials:

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