Come, Little Leaves

Saturday, October 12, 2013

If you're following along on our 100 Things to Do This Fall list, you might want to give number 75 a whirl soon. The fall foliage is starting to hit its peak in some areas. To check if the leaves will be particularly showy in an area near you, visit this fall foliage map.

In the meantime, you can also enjoy this poem on the subject:

This is the full text of the poem:

Come, Little Leaves
by George Cooper

"Come, little leaves,"

Said the wind one day,
"Come to the meadows
With me and play;
Put on your dresses
Of red and gold,
For summer is past,
And the days grow cold."

Soon as the leaves 

Heard the wind's loud call,
Down they came fluttering,
One and all.
Over the meadows
They danced and flew,
All singing the soft
Little songs they knew.

Have a good weekend and happy leaf hunting everybody!


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