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Palindromes Everywhere!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Today is 3/13/13 or if you read that backward 3/13/13. Now, if I were a total nerd, I would have maybe posted this at 3:13, but alas, at 3:13 AM, I was sleeping and at 3:13 PM, I was working.

A palindrome is a word, phrase, or number that is spelled the same way forward and backward.

To celebrate this palindrome kind of day, I give you my favorite palindrome group - ABBA - singing my favorite palindrome song - SOS:

And for all you geniuses who are wondering where my posts on 3/1/13, 3/10/13, 3/11/13, and 3/12/13 were, well, I guess I'm just slow on the uptake . . . . But no fear, I am hereby alerting you that today through 3/19/13 (the last days of Winter this year) will all be palindrome days.

If you're counting, that should be 11 palindrome days in March 2013 alone.

Quick, find the confetti! (And you might want to break out the entire ABBA Gold album for THIS kind of news.)
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