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Decorating for Autumn: Our Halloween Mantel

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

So, as I mentioned recently, fall is upon us and so begins my decorating of the house for Halloween. And as it turns out, the kitchen table isn't the only thing I'm getting ready for Halloween this year. Just take a look at my mantel.  I'm pretty pleased with how it has shaped up!

I start by removing everything completely from it, to begin with a clean slate.  Then I slowly add my favorite Halloween pieces along with some fall floral and see where it takes me.  The finishing touch is always my Happy Halloween banner.

Here's a closer look at the banner. It came from Pottery Barn about four years ago.  I thought I had lost it last year- couldn't find it anywhere; racked my brain and the whole house and still came up with nothing.  Thankfully, I finally remembered that I had stored it from the year before in my spell book (which was sitting on the mantel itself).  Crisis averted.  In any case, I have seen similar banners at Target and Hobby Lobby so far this fall.  Although, I'm pretty sure Pottery Barn no longer sells this exact one. 

And here are a few close ups for you. The glass pumpkin with the swirly stem is my favorite!  (hence it's place of honor on the mantel) And I love the old replica vintage Halloween greeting card.  

There's that spell book I was just talking about!  It's rather large and does do a nice job storing my banner when not in use!  Notice the large fall leaves I tucked into the display too.  They are at least a foot tall, so a few go a long way.  I found them at the local craft store a few years ago.  

Add a couple of oversized gourds to each end, and there you have it!  

Stay tuned to the blog for more Halloween decorating!  It's that time of year and it's what we do!

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