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How to Make Your Very Own "Straight Outta" Meme

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Everyone is straight outta somewhere. 

The Harris Sisters, as I'm sure long-time blog readers know, are straight outta Roxboro, North Carolina. AKA The Boro.

Of course, half of the fun of creating a meme is uploading pictures and adding silly text like these:

2014 Halloween Fairy Tale Photoshoot

2014 Minecraft Halloween Costumes

2010 Movie Monsters Halloween Costumes

Disney World Tips and Tricks: The Basics

2013 Junk Food Halloween Costumes
So, we've established we're cornballs. But, don't worry! You can be too!

To celebrate the upcoming NWA biopic that will be released later this week, Beats by Dre released this Meme Generator that allows users to upload their own photo and enter their own location to indicate where they're "straight outta." The meme, of course, refers to NWA's debut album, Straight Outta Compton. 

Check it out here: straightouttasomewhere.com 

Pretty cool! Have fun coming up with your own fun memes - the possibilities are endless!
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