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One Man's Trash: Vintage Pinocchios

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Just last month, both my husband and I found vintage Pinocchios on the same day, but on completely different picking expeditions.  I was away on Girls' Weekend with the other Harris Sisters, while he was spending the weekend visiting family. 

Here's a look at the super awesome Pinocchio that I scored!  He's a marionette, and in pretty good shape for his age, I would say.  He is old, there's no doubt about it.  He still has his strings attached, but a few are in need of repair.  I'm not really planning to use him as a puppet, so that doesn't really bother me so much. 

I just love his look. His painted face and clothing are still in excellent condition. 

And the price was right too.  I think the seller was asking $25 originally for him, but I ended up buying him for $20.  He's worth far more than that, but he's priceless to me. 

And here's what my hubbie scored for me!  It's a vintage Pinocchio cookie jar.  I just love his freckles and bow tie.  

It's not in perfect condition.  There is a little wear on the paint on his hat and a very minor chip there as well, but the price couldn't be beat- only $5 for this vintage find!

Our love of Pinocchio was born from our travels to Italy, the birthplace of this beloved character himself.  On our last trip there, we went to a flea market in Rome, and found this treasure- a large vintage Pinocchio toy, which now resides in Lexi's nursery alongside all her other vintage toys.  

Goodness knows what other Pinocchios are out there just waiting to join this collection.  Until then, until then.  Happy picking, everyone!
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Jackie Furr said...

What great finds! Wow!

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