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Independence Day: What a Difference a Year Makes

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What a difference one year makes.  Just this time last year, Lexi was only a couple months old, and enjoying her very first Fourth of July.   Of course, we captured it in photos.  Fast forward one year, and we recreated the same pics to mark the milestone. 

Here she is last year, just an infant.

And here she is now, as a toddler on the move.

Last year, she wasn't old enough to sit in the wagon, so I held her up in the corner for a couple pictures. 

This year, I joined her for a few pics in an attempt to keep her in the wagon!

And then there's Lexi's best pal and "sister", Izzie.  It's always a walk on the wild side when she joins the pics, but we captured it two years in a row now.  Here they are last year.

And here they are now.  These girls do love each other.  It's such a sweet sweet thing.  Lexi was hugging Izzie in this picture. 

Of course, it's the moments between the moments that always make for the best candid (and often funniest) photos.  And if you have a photographer like my husband, then they just keep snapping photos constantly, leaving you with lots of "in between" moments to sort through.  :) Here are the outtakes from this year (notice how they all include Izzie, the Wonder Pup)...

So that's it for this year's pics.  Stay tuned for more, I'm sure, next summer!

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Kathy Chambers said...

Great pictures as usual!!!

Deanna C said...

Thanks, Kathy! We have great subject matter to work with! :)

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