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100 Things to Do This Spring

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

If you're a long-time reader, then you know two things 1) I like to jump the gun with my seasonal lists and 2) this completes our series of seasonal lists - woot! If you're just now visiting, please make sure to pop over to our 100 Things to Do This Summer, 100 Things to Do This Fall, and 100 Things to Do This Winter lists and Pin those for future use.

Today, I am jumping the gun because I cannot wait for warmer weather and the opportunity to spend some time outside. And I bet you feel the same way. (Spring runs from March 20 through June 21 this year for those of you keeping track.) This list includes some ideas of activities you might want to consider doing with your family during Spring.

I have included photos and links of the Harris Sisters' own experiences with these suggestions in many instances, and I've also included links for some fun new things that we might try. Hope you enjoy!

100 Activities to Do This Spring

1. Make Smoothies
2. Make a Craft with Duct Tape
3. Look for Rainbows
5. Play Tennis
6. Swing on the Swing Set

7. Paint Flowerpots
8. Make Tin Can Telephones
9. Go to Local Garage Sales to Look for Treasures
10. Make a Pie
11. Fly a Kite
12. Paint Your Nails

13. Play Hide and Seek
14. Go Bird Watching
15. Make a Peanut Butter and Nutella Sandwich
16. Have a Three-Legged Race
17. Make a Wind Chime
18. Make Rock Candy

19. Play Hot Potato
20. Make Fresh Lemonade
21. Watch the Sunset
22. Play Frisbee
23. Prank Someone on April Fool’s Day
24. Fill a Suet Feeder with Yarn Scraps for Birds to Use to Build Nests

25. Climb a Tree
26. Teach the Kids How to Sing Old Camp Songs (Great Green Gobs of Gritty, Grimy Gopher Guts . . .)
27. Make Crowns, Bracelets, or Necklaces Out of Flowers
28. Go on a Paddle Boat Ride
29. Make Sidewalk Art with Chalk
30. Hang Bird Houses

31. Play Tag
32. Have a Pillow Fight
33. Split the Stems of Carnations, Place the Stem Pieces in Different Containers, and Add Different Food Coloring to the Water in Each Container to Color the Flowers
34. Make a Finger Painting
35. Make a Bird Feeder Out of a Pine Cone and Peanut Butter Rolled in Birdseed
36. Play a Game of Jacks

37. Splash in Puddles After the Rain
38. Start a Compost Bin
39. Visit a Botanical Garden
40. Make Cupcakes
41. Play Four Square
42. Play a Game of Horseshoes

43. Visit a Farm
44. Make Popsicles
45. Try an Exquisite Corpse Drawing Exercise with Two Other People  
46. Play a Game of Red Rover
47. Pick Fresh Flowers
48. Play a Game of Soccer

49. Have a Jump Rope Competition
50. Skip Rocks Across a Pond
51. Make Something with Paper Mache
52. Play Catch
53. Jump on a Trampoline
54. Go for a Train Ride

55. Bake a Carrot Cake
56. Make Shadow Puppets
57. Attend an Outdoor Concert
58. Plant Flowers
59. Feed the Ducks
60. Make a Wish on a Dandelion

61. Play Badminton
62. Start Planning Your Summer Vacation
64. Make Bird Nest Candy by Putting Candy Eggs on Top of Butterscotch Haystacks
65. Make Dinosaur Egg Soap 

67. Play Tic Tac Toe
68. Make Muffins
69. Eat Your Favorite Jelly Beans While They’re Available
70. Eat Cadbury Crème Eggs While They’re Available
71. Eat Peeps While They’re Available
72. If Uncertain If You Should Eat Peeps, Take a Poll to Determine What They’re Good For

77. Have an Easter Egg Hunt

78. Plan to Reuse or Upcycle Something for Earth Day
79. Play Red Light Green Light
80. Research Your Family History/Start a Family Tree
81. Eat at Your Favorite Mexican Restaurant for Cinco de Mayo
82. OR Make Your Favorite Mexican Foods at Home
83. Smash a Pinata!

84. Make a Mother’s Day Card for Your Mom
85. Go on a Canoe Ride
86. Have a Cookout on Memorial Day
87. Go to a Memorial Day Parade
88. Play a Game of Cornhole

89. Make a Father’s Day Card for Your Dad
90. Play Cards
91. OR Make a House Out of Cards
92. OR Put a Card in the Spokes of Your Bike Wheel to See What Noise It Makes (note - I would probably use a playing card instead of a baseball card so that you don't accidentally ruin anything valuable)

93. Play Volleyball
94. Skip to My Lou!
95. Make Fresh Fruit Salad and Fruit Dip
96. Play Marbles

97. Play London Bridge
98. Start a Rock Collection
100. Take Photos of the Cherry Blossoms

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Ryan said...

If you have a Juan Agosto Baseball Card, it is safe to use, since it is less valuable then a playing card.

Donna Walkush said...

Duly noted, Ryan! If you have a baseball aficionado who can confirm the relative uselessness of your baseball cards, then no need to break up a perfectly good deck of playing cards. ;-)

Denise Murtha said...

A great list. Pinned and shared!! Visiting from the Mega Link Party! :)

Donna Walkush said...

Thanks, Denise!

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