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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Not too long ago, I discovered that one of Emma's favorite books had been the unfortunate recipient of some renegade rainwater.  It had such wonderful illustrations, we couldn't bare to part with it, so I carefully cut out what I could salvage and adhered them to magnets also cut to size.

Now Emma can put the story in order right on the refrigerator.  That was, after all, one of my favorite preschool past times.

I actually got the idea over Christmas when I had some nativity cutouts in the Christmas curriculum we used, so I went ahead and made those too!

Then, today I came across this awesome little article over on For the Family.  There were some really good ideas on how to incorporate prayer into a busy busy life.  The one that I was immediately drawn to was a prayer board.  They found the idea on Pinterest which I do use every now and then. However, I have taken note that some people feel this way about the Pinterest:

and I completely understand the sentiment.  The prayer board from Pinterest was beautiful and even the lady endorsing it said that she had not constructed hers yet, so I give to you my prayer board:

Note:  this is the side of my fridge.  (the one without the storyboard and nativity magnets)  I simply raided Emma's letter magnets, (and thankfully found the right ones) moved my calendar and weekly DG coupon over, and Voila!  (and, yes, that is binoculars hanging by my front door--you never know when you may need to scout something out!)  So, the general idea is to add prayer requests as you get them, and then, whenever you pray together as a family, say before meals, you have them handy.

Pinterest is a great tool.  I think people get sucked in to the "Keeping up with the Jones'" complex.  I see it, rather, as a jumping off point.  I usually just visit if I am already scouting something out, and while I do love a good craft project, I am also continuously on a minimizing mission in my house, so great ideas are always welcome, extra "stuff"-- not so much.

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Anonymous said...

Misty, I love this whole post. And what a great idea with the magnets. I am borrowing this (why re-invent the wheel) and Ella can help me with this project. I agree with you on the pinterest. I occasionally go on there but usually pick up good ideas from folks like YOU! I also am struggling to get rid of the stuff I don't need. It is hard when you are an emotional hoarder! Well have a good Sunday and keep these ideas coming! Shirley P.

Misty Turner said...

lol--emotional hoarder! The only problem I had with the magnets was Emma can be a little destructicon. I specifically told her not to try to take the picture off the magnet. She had a run in with the sheep--it somehow, found a way into her mouth. In fact, that's probably the only way you could get it off because after you stick the pic on the magnet, it's there for good! I'm not sure if they sell the magnets at craft stores. I do most of my shopping online and found 8"x10" sheets on Amazon.

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