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Rent the Runway- Revisited

Saturday, November 9, 2013

If you are new to our blog, you may have missed my previous post on my Rent the Runway experience last year.  If so, check it out here.  In a nutshell, Rent the Runway is an online store of fabulous designer dresses that you can rent at a fraction of the cost of actually purchasing the same dress.  

Since my initial post last year, I have actually rented from this website four times, and each dress was more fabulous than the next.  

Here's a look at the dresses I have chosen over the past year.  

This dress was one I rented for the holidays.  I wore it to a Christmas party last year.  This one retails for $365, but rents for only $50.  If I had paid $50 for a dress in the stores, it probably wouldn't have looked this good!  

Around the same time last year, I also rented a dress to attend the CMA Country Christmas Special. And what a special night it was!  This dress is made by Bagdley Mischka, and retails for $420.  The rental fee was $75.  Oh, and once you rent from these fine folks once, they send you online coupon codes all the time, so this rental actually cost me only $50.

And then just recently, I decided it was time for another rental.  This time I chose this fantastic Kate Spade dress.  It retails for $398, and rents for $75.  And if this dress looks familiar, it may be because you have seen a celeb or two wearing the same dress.  I feel in love with it when I saw Taylor Swift wearing it!

And this is where it all started.  This was my first Rent the Runway dress (and the one I reviewed last year).  It was a Zac Posen dress that retailed for $400.  The rental fee is listed at $75, but as always, I searched for and used an online code to save money on the rental.  

In addition to their usual selection of awesome dresses, fast and easy service and returns, and access to instant style help, Rent the Runway is now actually offering a new service.  It's called Rent the Runway Pro. If you are so inclined you may now pay an annual fee of $29.95, and in exchange you receive free shipping and free insurance on all your dress rentals for the year, and what's more- you also receive a free rental for your birthday!  Now that's a pretty sweet deal for frequent renters.  
In any case, this renter couldn't be happier with her experiences here, so head on over and check them out.  
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