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I'll Have a Blue, Blue Blue Blue Christmas

Sunday, November 24, 2013

So, I'm not talking about the song (sorry, Elvis) or even the book - I'm being very literal here. Like this:

Or these:

You see, Misty and I were driving down Roxboro's Main Street yesterday and we saw a fully decorated Christmas tree. I suppose seeing a fully decorated Christmas tree a week before Thanksgiving was not quite as surprising as the fact that is was decorated top to bottom in aqua blue in hot pink ornaments. THAT definitely caught our eye!

Some of you might not know that I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated solely to FREE Christmas Printables and I've been loading it up with Christmas themed items of late. So make sure to check that out for the most up to date freebies. 

But today, I thought I'd round up all FREE Christmas printables with specifically those retro aqua blue colors that seem to be coming back into fashion. I've included direct links for all of them below. (And if traditional red and green colors are more up your alley, check out our Red and Green FREE Christmas Printable Roundup. Neutral colors more your thing? Then check out our Neutral FREE Christmas Printable Roundup featuring chalkboard prints, calligraphy, burlap, and all sorts of schmancy stuff!)

These tags will look great on plain white, red, or brown craft paper wrapping. And that will surely making wrapping that much easier when you're not trying to match the wrapping to the ribbon to the tag in each instance. And for the EASIEST use, I would suggest printing these on sticker paper (available at your local office supply store). That way, you can just stick them directly on the gifts!

Noel Holiday Tags from PaperCrave:

Vintage Gift Tags from Free Pretty Things For You:

Gift Tags from Orange You Lucky!:

Hand-Illustrated Gift Tags from Emily McDowell at WorldLabel.com:

Gift Tags from Hey Look:

Holiday Mail Stripes Gift Tag from Eat Drink Chic:

Gift Tags from Sass & Peril:

Dangly Gift Tags from Lemon Squeezy:

Holiday Tags from Design Sponge:

And for you crafty types who might want to make some gifts and THEN label them - here's an idea for you from Balancing Home (link to the hot chocolate recipe is also included at the site):

And finally, I thought this one was too awesome not to include. It's a free printable from A Pair of Pears of the Bible verse that Linus quotes in A Charlie Brown Christmas (note the last line on the print).

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KL said...

Wow, these tags, notes, stickers, etc are an amazing lot. Thanks for keeping them UP!

Donna Walkush said...

You're welcome! You know these are always the first thing you run out of when trying to wrap presents! Hope you find them helpful this year. ;-)

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