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Cushion Daze

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Yesterday in our homeschool we had a cushion day, which simply means that between our regular curriculum and the Thanksgiving/Christmas studies that we are about to begin, we are taking a break and getting caught up on everything. Mostly, it is a lot of reading because it is the end of the month, and Charlotte has a reading goal every month. In other words, it's crunch time for the book it program.

I like to spend my cushion days like this:

Or maybe this:

At any rate, it involves a lot of socks!

Anyhoo, as usual, Charlotte was still in bed, yesterday, well after everyone else was up. With blankets piled high atop her, I began to let her in on my super exciting plans for the day. We would set up shop in my room. I would move the radio in there, put the big pillows on the bed and we would snuggle up and read with warm beverages. She slowly eased her covers down, and said, "I'm listening..."

I borrowed these pillows from Charlotte and Emma's bed, but they work so well to read in the bed by, I may just have to keep them. I love a European square. These aren't quite as squishy though. They are almost like floor pillows.

Here, our tunes share a space on my sled with my shoes and the pillows that I had to take off the bed. This sled we used as kids. I recently brought it over from Daddy's house. Most of the year it resides in this corner of my room displaying a small collection of shoes, but pretty soon it will be standing tall next to my Christmas tree.  

After Emma was born, we listened to the radio nonstop. A few cds here and there, but mainly, KLOVE. It's a great station. I highly recommend it. In fact, at the beginning of the year, they always issue a 30-day challenge to listen to their station. I took that challenge a few years ago, and haven't really listened to anything else since then.

So back to my bedroom oasis.  Drumroll, please...

Remember when Mary from Little House on the Prairie went blind? Well, that's how I feel, and now that Howard has installed this convenient little light, I can pretend that I'm not blind! Thank goodness people don't go blind like they did in the old days. One day you would be fine, and then Bam! you're Mary!

I'm not there yet, but I really am very happy with my little nook.

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