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Music to Play for Patriotic Holidays

Friday, May 24, 2013

Well, I don't know about you, but I feel a playlist coming on. ;-) In true Harris Sisters fashion, no matter what the occasion, there's a song for it (and rest assured we will find it for you and stick it on a list). This time, we have compiled a handy patriotic playlist that should help you out at your next big event.

These songs are perfect for Fourth of July, but if you're having a BBQ or cookout this weekend for Memorial Day, this list will work for that too. This list includes songs with a nod to patriotism in some way without being over-the-top-John-Philip-Sousa-ish (although if that floats your boat, then throw some of that in for good measure too).

Note: If you don't play Born in the USA at your shindig, someone will likely ask you what in the world you are doing and whether you're a Communist. Or maybe that's just the type of folks I hang out with. ;-) So even though it's not REALLY a patriotic song, Bruce Springsteen and patriotic holidays go together like America and apple pie. It's on the list!

To make up for what many of you will see as an obvious faux pas, please note that like all of my playlists, this one is Phil Collins-free because including HIM on a playlist would be unforgivable. 

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