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Patriotic PEZ

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Just before America's Bicentennial celebration, these patriotic PEZ dispensers were released in 1975. Here you see two of the collection: Uncle Sam and Paul Revere.

Just look how happy these little spray-tanned orange children are to be eating their patriotic PEZ and shooting them at each other! (Note the color of the little girl's PEZ is the exact same color as she is - poor thing!)
Now, I think my family's affinity for PEZ has been well documented (Valentine PEZ, Easter PEZ, Funny Foreign PEZ, Growing PEZ Collections). But, have I ever shared with you our connection to Paul Revere?
Meet Smithers Paul Revere Walkush (AKA Smitty):

Isn't he a precious little fluffer-nutter? Well, when we got him, all we knew was that he was an adorable little dog that looked like Benji (a terrier mix). After we had snatched him up for our very own, someone confirmed for us that he was a Tibetan Terrier. Well, the only thing that THIS gal knows about Tibet is that the Beastie Boys used to throw Free Tibet concerts back in the day.
So, not wanting him to be the only Walkush pet to not have a middle name, we put it to a vote. We all voted for our favorite Beastie Boys' songs as his middle name, and Paul Revere won by one vote. (Lucky for him too - the other options on the table were She's Crafty and Rhymin' and Stealin'.)
So, baby Smithers is our connection (as much of a stretch as it might be) to patriotism every day.
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