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Spent My Evenin's Down At The Drive-In

Saturday, May 11, 2013

And that's when I met you, yeah!

Now tell the truth. For most of us, this may, in fact, be the only reference to a drive-in that rings true for us. (A 1985 song about "The Summer of '69.")

But! If you're willing to take a leisurely drive on a weekend, you can still experience a taste of the good old days. Just looky what I found in our own backyard:

OK - so Eden, NC isn't really in our own backyard - it's about an hour's drive from us. But, I'd say that it's well worth it for the experience! For the low, low price of $6.00 per adult and $3.00 per child age 6-11 (5 and under are free!) you can enjoy two feature films in one night if you're visiting on a Friday or Saturday! They play one movie on Sunday, but obviously Fridays and Saturdays would be the most bang for your buck.

Movies start at sundown (which was around 8:30), and they have their own radio station that they play the oldies on up until show time. Of course, this means that you're finishing up the second movie in the wee hours of the next morning, so be prepared for any little ones to fall asleep part way through the second movie (or perhaps even the first)!

I can also report that they have excellent milkshakes at their concession stand (and all of their concessions seem to also be priced far below regular movie theater prices).

They have a modest website that you can check for which two movies they'll be playing any given week, or you can like them on Facebook and get weekly updates:
And, if you happen to live in a different area and are still interested in finding a drive-in movie theater near you, fear not! I actually found info about the Eden Drive-In with this handy resource: DriveInMovie.com.

It lists US, Australian, and Canadian drive-in movie theaters and notes which ones are still operating. Of course, before you drive an hour or more to any location near you, I suggest that you do a little leg work to see if they are, in fact, still operating, but this is a pretty comprehensive list!

All in all, I'd say this is a definite adventure to put on your summer bucket list!
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