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Ice Cream Floats

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Well, I have to tell you, it has been ages since I have had an ice cream float. And, after a little research, I can tell you that this is just the generic name for them. Apparently, the one that I tend to enjoy is called the Orange Float or Orange Whip:

Now, if you've never made a float before, you'll just need a few ingredients:

Ice Cream (3 or 4 scoops - enough to fill to the top of your glass)
Soda of choice (enough to top off your glass after you've added the ice cream)

Add the ingredients to the glass in the order given. Enjoy!

And depending on the types of ice cream and soda that you mix together will determine the name of your final concoction. For example:

  • Orange Float or Orange Whip: vanilla ice cream and orange soda
  • Root Beer Float: vanilla ice cream and root beer
  • Boston Cooler: vanilla ice cream and ginger ale
  • Purple Cow: vanilla ice cream and grape soda
  • Dr. Pepper Float: vanilla ice cream and Dr. Pepper (better known to us as the Ryan Barrett Walkush special)

There are others out there, but these are probably the most popular.

The float was originally created in 1847 and quickly rose to popularity. And if you ask me, it's still popular today. I mean you might not create them in your own home like this:

But maybe if you practice a lot over the summer . . . .
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Misty Turner said...

I do! Quite a bit in the summer, but that's interesting. Usually, I just do Coke and vanilla ice cream. I never really thought about doing another type of soda. That is, until I saw a Mt Dew one at Cole's Pharmacy! The orange one definitely looks tasty!

Donna Walkush said...

You know how we Walkushes like our Orange Crush soda - we will find any excuse to drink it. :-)

Misty Turner said...

I like the Orange Crush too, but we very specifically drink it in bottles with a pizza, usually when I don't feel like cooking. We haven't had it in a while, though...

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