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Decluttering Your Whole Home in 15 Minutes a Day

Thursday, January 5, 2017

New year, new goals!  One of my New Year's resolutions always seems to be home organization and decluttering- which, let's face it, is an ongoing task, but the new year always seems a good time to start this task anew.  

This year, I stumbled onto a new-to-me site that helps you organize your life in a mere 15 minutes a day- the Declutter 365 Challenge.  Of course, some tasks will take a little more than 15 minutes- some less. But the idea is that you break your tasks down into manageable ones so that you can actually accomplish them.  At the end of the week, you have quite a bit to show for your efforts.  This works a lot better than saying to yourself, "I have to clean up and clean out my whole house."  Now THAT'S a big effort with no set place to start or direction on how to accomplish the task exactly.  The Declutter 365 challenge gives you a small task to work on each day.  Of course, the idea is that you maintain your good work and reevaluate as you go to make sure you stay on track.  

If you visit the Declutter 365 website, you can register for free to receive your daily tasks.  Once you do this, you also gain access to a printable calendar that you can print off to keep you on track.  You can also sign up to "join" their Facebook group.  By doing so, you will receive your daily task in your Facebook newsfeed.  And others comment and post their before and after pics there too that you can use as inspiration for your own efforts.  There is strength in numbers, right?

I have been completing my daily tasks for a few days now, and it is super easy to work in 15 minutes chunks of time on small tasks.  So far, I have set up a donation box to discard items that we will end up donating or reselling later.  I have organized my kitchen sink area, and cleared our kitchen counters and island.  Today's task is the kitchen table.  I believe tomorrow is organizing my kitchen towels and utensils.  And then we move on to the cabinets and fridge next week.  Once the kitchen is complete, the tasks will take us on to another part of the house.  

Aaaahhhh, I can feel our home breathing a sigh of relief already.  
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