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Product Review: Hay Max

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

You might remember that I recently discovered yet another thing I seem to be allergic to- Christmas! Well, it seems that just about everything has my "seasonal" allergies going bonkers lately.  And I hate to just keep popping allergy meds, especially since so few of them seem to do much for me anyway. So it was recently that I started looking into alternative forms of allergy relief.  And in doing so I stumbled onto a new-to-me product that I am really liking.  It's called Hay Max and it's not a medicine at all.  

It's more of a balm that you just literally rub at the base of your nostrils (or just inside) and it traps minuscule allergens from making their way into your nasal passages.  If you aren't breathing them in, they can't bother you, right?  Simple concept, and yet surprisingly effective! 

I have been using the "Pure" version of Hay Max.  It has no color and no scent.  There are also "Lavender" and "Aloe Vera" versions too.  Of course, when you blow your nose or sneeze, you should reapply the product.  It's a small package and fits easily in my purse so I just carry it with me, and it's easy to have on hand. 

I found mine online and honestly have never looked for it in stores.  I'm not sure how widely available it is at local retailers.  When I initially discovered Hay Max, it was a British fellow who was blogging about it and singing it's praises.   

It sure it worth a try, and I promise it works!

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