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The Best Drug Store Clinical Deodorant EVER!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Let's get personal.  The weather is starting to warm up, and for me, that usually means switching to some sort of clinical strength anti-antiperspirant/ deodorant to ensure I still maintain the proper level of freshness despite rising temps outside. 

I am no stranger to clinical strength deodorant.  I have used it for years, and switched between all the major players, looking for the perfect one.  Last summer, I finally decided to research them a little more, and found that TONS of women were talking about this one- Certain Dri.  I had never tried it before, but reviewers swore by it, saying it was far better and more effective than all the others. So I decided to give it a try for myself. 

After having used it for a while last summer, and again recently, I am reminded how effective this one is.  And I thought it was time to share.  It is hands down better than any other deodorant I have ever used. I use the roll on version pictured here, but it is also available in the solid.  Reviewers I previously read mentioned the roll on version specifically, so that's where I started and have stayed.  

The key is applying it at night- before bed time.  All deodorants actually work better when you apply at night, because that is when your sweat glands open and "absorb" the deodorant.  Make sure you apply sparingly. Otherwise, it may burn or itch a little.  And I always avoid applying immediately after I shave for the same reason.  It doesn't wash off in the shower so no worries there.  In the morning, I use my regular go-to deodorant, and voila!  I'm good to go.  Even on the hottest and steamiest day, no issues AT ALL!  I cannot say the same for other clinical strength brands.  This one takes the cake. I should also mention that is has no scent, which I LOVE!  So many of the scented deodorants just aren't to my liking.  And it claims to last for up to 72 hours; many reviewers say they only use it a few times a week with full protection.  I can't say that exactly because I still use it every day only because that's just what I do.  Old habits die hard.  But it's worth a mention.  

And this stuff is worth a try.  It's a drug store cheapie that REALLY works!

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