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Captain America Hat

Friday, May 13, 2016

To celebrate the recent release of Captain America: Civil War, I whipped up this Captain America hat using a free crochet pattern. The pattern couldn't have been easier to complete, and you might even have some stash yarn you can use!

I completed the pattern exactly as written and used Red Heart Super Saver in Royal and a stash white yarn. The only thing I did differently was that I tacked down the wings to the side of the hat so that the hat looks a little more like Captain America's helmet in the movies.

But why are you making a winter hat in the middle of spring? I'm so glad you asked!

With two little boys under foot, you can only imagine that we are ALL superhero all the time in this household. By the age of 3, Aidyn had already aligned himself with Team Spiderman, and he was kind enough to choose Team Captain America for Jaxon when he was born. (I mean, babies don't know anything about superheroes, but Aidyn felt like his brother needed to form some sort of an allegiance with a superhero. It was the right thing to do.)

I give you Exhibit A:

Fast forward 7 years and Jaxon is still firmly aligned with Team Captain America, so you can imagine that he was thrilled to find out that Marvel was releasing another movie featuring his favorite superhero.

So he didn't mind one bit that his hat isn't really in season right now. He'll wear it to play with and then he'll wear it even more when the weather gets cooler. This pattern would even be perfect for school character dress up days or Halloween costumes. The possibilities are endless!

Here's the same hat on cousin Emma when she dressed as WWII Captain America for Halloween - doesn't she look adorable?

Here's you're reference for the look she was going for - I think Harris Sister Misty nailed the costume.

You can add this super FREE crochet pattern to your Ravelry queue here:

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