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Memorial Day Weekend in Pictures

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

I just realized that I did a "My Week(end) In Pictures" post last year for Memorial Day too.  This must be the start of a little tradition.  :)  In any case, it sure was a nice long holiday weekend.  We didn't have any grand plans, but we sure did enjoy the pretty weather and each other.  Come on, and take a look.  I'll show you just how we spent our time...

We started our long weekend with a trip to the 12 South area of Nashville on Friday night.  It's such a neat neighborhood- one of our favorites in all of Nashville, really.  Lots of great shops, restaurants and bars, pretty places to walk and take pictures, and always lively crowds of fun folks.  There's a park nearby too, and several good dessert spots.  

We chose our favorite pizza place, Mafiaoza's, for dinner.  They have a really good patio, which is always a draw.  They also let the kiddos play with pizza dough, and here's Lexi giving it a try for the first time. 

She was a little unsure about this to begin with.  But Daddy is smart and made the dough into a Mickey Mouse shape.  That's all it took for her to start playing in it. 

Then she really got into it, and the next thing we knew, she was tasting it too!

She was so proud of herself! 

After dinner, we decided to take a stroll and take in the pretty neighborhood.  I found this pretty blue bench right outside of another restaurant, and without even asking, Lexi climbed right up.  She looked perfect with her red, white, and blue, and that bench. 

So time to snap a couple candid pics...

Then, our next stop was Las Paletas.  They make homemade popsicles, and they are the best ever. My favorite is the cantaloupe pop.  It's exactly like eating a really cold cantaloupe. 

 Lexi liked it too!  And when you are wearing a popsicle dress, you MUST enjoy a popsicle. 

After our pop, we decided to stroll a bit more and saw this beauty parked right outside of White's Mercantile, which is a general store owned by singer/ songwriter Holly Williams, who is also daughter of Hank Williams, Jr. 

The bus says "Amelia's Flower Truck", and it was meant to have it's picture taken, I think.

We also stopped for another picture on the old Coke cooler right outside Holly's shop.  I sure wish it had been open, but sadly the doors were already closed up for the day. 

So window shopping it was... 

Speaking of famous shopowners in this area, Reese Witherspoon just opened her new store, Draper James, right down the street.  Lexi and I stopped for another picture outside her shop window too. 

So that rounded out our Friday night.  Saturday brought lots more fun in the form of our annual Memorial Day weekend block party.  Here I am with the ladies of our cul-de-sac before the activities started hopping.  That's my neighbors Cheryl and Natalie. 

As the day turned to evening, things really started to heat up.  We had close to 100 people on our street.  And they were all there for the crawfish in the cul-de-sac.  Here's our neighbor Mike getting it all ready to go. 

While dinner was cooking away, my hubbie was starting up our popcorn machine.  We set it up out in the street, and popped no telling how many batches of popcorn Saturday night. 

 It was a hit and a half, especially with the kiddos. 

They kept lining up and we kept popping more.  Here's just one shot of some of the kids enjoying the goods. 

And then we cranked up the bubble machine too.  It put out so many bubbles, those kids could have taken a bath in the middle of the street. 

Another neighbor brought out this oversized swing, and we kept testing the limits to see how many kids you could get on it all at once. 

Pretty soon it was time to eat.  There were crawfish, of course, but also shrimp, ribs, wings, hotdogs, and loads of sides and desserts. 

But it was the popcorn that Lexi was most interested in.  Here she is with her buddy Jackson from next door.

And when she finally slowed down long enough to sit, we pulled up a section of grass and just rested and took it all in for a little while.  What fun!

Sunday brought our first visit to the pool this season.  And it was Lexi's first time using her puddle jumper  in the pool.  We weren't sure how she would react to it, but clearly we had nothing to worry about.  

Lexi has always loved the water.  She's fearless!  She was asking for the puddle jumper so she could move more freely and not be stuck in a floaty.  Those are for babies, you see. 

Lexi, I see swim lessons in your very near future, darling. 

And this is how I thought Sunday would go.  Daddy and Lexi in the pool.  Mama sunning herself on the sidelines.  The water was still pretty cold and I didn't really want to go in.  But as soon as Lexi batted those big blue eyes and asked me to come in with her, she had me.  I did get in and eventually lots of others joined us too. 

Sunday night brought another trip to the big city of Nashville.  We tried a new restaurant with another great patio- Bar Taco.   Great food and drinks and another lively holiday crowd!  Check, check, check!

 After dinner, it was time for another stroll, so we visited the flower market for a while. 

Then it was time for dessert, so it was off to Jeni's Ice Cream.  Lexi was in heaven.  I think John was too!

But this is what got me excited.  I found a cupcake ATM!  WHAT?!?!?!  You bet I tried it.  You make your selections at a touch screen, pay with your credit/ debit card, and you can see the machine find your selection and dispense it through the little window there.  Awesome!

Monday brought another visit to the pool.  At this point, Lexi is an expert with her puddle jumper. Just look at her go!

And yes, the water was still cold, and yes, I got back in again.  Because that's what you do for your babies. But the pool was super busy on Monday and we all had lots of fun!

We stayed home and cooked ribs and baked beans on the smoker later in the day on Monday.  We also made homemade cole slaw and homemade ice cream, and I'm just realizing now that I didn't get a picture of any of it.  Oh well, we must have been hungry.  No time for pics!  

But once we got home, we did set up a wading pool for Lexi.  That's a better picture than one of a plate of food, anyway. 

It was a hit, of course.  This girl does love the water!  She wanted Izzie to come in the pool with her. Thankfully, Izzie knew better and soon ran the other way. 

So there you have it!  Another super fun Memorial Day weekend in the books!  Lots of special and fun moments.  And so begins the Summer of 2016! 
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