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Love and Support for Maddie Mae

Sunday, June 28, 2015

I must say that it is rare that I post things like this, so you should know how special and important I find this wonderful family.  I worked with a lady by the name of Becky several years ago, and we became Facebook friends a while back. About a month ago, I read the unimaginable in my Facebook news feed.  Becky's daughter, Stacy, was killed in a head on collision when a drunk driver crossed the center line.  I cannot imagine how you deal with something like that.  She was 29 years old, mother of two, and had her whole life ahead of her.  

And as if the story could get worse, Becky's two grandchildren were also involved in this tragic wreck. Gage, age 2, is now home from the hospital, but Maddie, age 11 months, is still there, with a broken neck and months of therapy ahead of her. 

This is sweet Maddie Mae at a happier time.  

And here she is with her beautiful mother, who is surely watching over her now. 

And here is my friend, Becky, holding sweet Maddie Mae at the hospital.  It was the first time she was able to hold her following the wreck.  As you can see, Maddie is in a halo to stabilize her neck.  

My heart aches for this family- partly because I know them, and partly because I see that little girl and I just see my sweet baby Lexi.  But for the grace of God, that could be any of us in their position. 

I reached out to Becky to find out more and see if there was anything we could do.  She agreed to let me share their story here and asked for your prayers.  If just one person sees this and sends up a special prayer for Maddie and her family, then I think we've accomplished something worthwhile.  

Count your blessings each and every day.  Life is short and fleeting at best.  Prayers for Maddie and her wonderful family, please.  You can follow Maddie's story and get updates on her progress on the special Facebook page they created for her.  

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