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How to Break in a New Ball Cap

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

I am a long-time wearer of baseball caps.  I think my love of them started in college- born of late nights and early mornings, and the need to throw something on that would cover bed head for an early morning class.

In any case, I wear a ball cap at least twice a week now- usually on days that I'm cleaning house, working on chores and errands, etc- you know the not-so-fabulous, but oh-so-necessary, things we all do from time to time. 

And over the years, I've had a few tried and true caps that are my go-to's.  I have broken them in the old fashioned way through literally years and years of use.  

But how do you break in a new ball cap so it fits just right from the start?  I can't say I've ever really figured that out- UNTIL NOW, that is.  If you have a hot shower, a coffee cup, and about 24 hours, then you too can have your new ball cap fitting just right.  What?!?!?  If I had known that's all it took, I could have been in business years ago.  I require those things to fully wake up each day!

Here's the deal. 

I'm from the old school of ball cap wearers.  I wear mine low, facing forward, ponytail out the back, with a major crimp in the brim. But everyone knows they come with a not so flattering, super stiff brim to start with, and the chances of a new ball cap fitting my head just right are pretty much nill. 

So, take your new ball cap into the shower with you.  Plop it on your head and let the hot water rain down on you.  This doesn't require a huge amount of time.  Just enough to saturate your hat through. This step helps mold the hat to your head.  Once you are done with that, curl the brim so that it fits into a standard sized coffee cup and leave it there to dry for about 24 hours.  This steps puts a nice curve into the brim of the hat.  It will probably be a little overly crimped when you first take it out, but it will loosen up a bit once it's on its own. 

So there you have it.  Another handy yet practical solution to one of life's occasional challenges!
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