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Everything Old is New Again

Monday, April 27, 2015

So this story began over a year ago.  If you will allow me to walk down memory lane for just a moment, we were expecting Baby Lexi last spring, and we found a stash of vintage baby clothes for sale that I quickly swooped up.  Here's the full story if you want to refresh your memory, or see all the details.    Back then I mentioned that you might see these sweet pieces again, so I couldn't let you down.

As it turned out, we used all of these vintage baby clothes to decorate Lexi's old fashioned nursery, so you might have noticed them when I first blogged about how we decorated her nursery last summer.  

But we did also get around to actually using those vintage baby clothes for more than just decoration. I knew once she grew into them, we would be using them for some of her milestone photographs, and that's just what we did. 

This is one of her 6-month photos.  She is wearing the pink 1950's bonnet in it. 

Here's a closer look at the bonnet and it's detail.  It is so lovely. 

And here's another shot of Lexi modeling it at age 6 months.

Fast forward three months, and we have Lexi's 9 month photographs.  This time the dresses fit her perfectly so we used a couple of them for these photos.  I carefully pulled them down from her nursery decor and tried them all on her.  They all fit, so it was decision time.  I ended up choosing this light blue one with the lace collar and puff sleeves.

Here's a closer shot of this dress taken right after we first brought it home. 

Add a vintage Raggedy Andy doll and you've got pure magic!

This pinafore was one that I bought in a little antique shop in Kentucky last fall on a separate antiquing adventure.  It still had the original tags attached.  So I slipped it right on over Lexi's vintage dress for a few more pics.  

And then our photographer was patient enough with us to allow for another outfit change.  So I quickly slipped her into the pink 1950's dress.  This one was perfectly handmade and in excellent vintage condition.  In the picture below, she is playing with her vintage Fisher Price Mother Goose pull toy from her nursery toy display. 

And that pretty pink dress is pictured below from my original blog post.  

And here's a closer look at the dress in action. 

So there you have it.  It has taken me a year to deliver on my promise of showing you how we used these vintage baby clothes. But when a Harris Sister makes you a promise, you can take it to the bank, my friends.   

Lexi did have to grow into these lovelies first, so hopefully you will pardon the delay.   How could you not?  Just look at that face.  :)
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