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One Man's Trash: Vintage High Chair

Monday, November 24, 2014

In another classic example of how one man's trash can truly be another's treasure, we find this beat up old high chair in need of some major TLC.  But add a little bit of imagination for what this chair could be, and this deal of the summer turns into a very special piece for our babe.

This is how we found the chair.  You can see years of gunk and wear on it.  It also sported a cute retro decal, which we liked, but in order to restore the chair, it would have to be removed.  

Check out the price sticker too.  Yep, we got this high chair for a whopping $10 at a rummage sale. 

But this high chair has good bones.  The wood is still in great shape, and that tray you see there is bakelite.  Score!!


My handy husband jumped right into this project, using the same type of one step chalk paint we have used before in Lexi's vintage nursery.  Incidentally, this is the type of paint you often see now on restored painted wood furniture.  

You literally sand down the surface to a smooth finish (but no need to remove old paint or wood finish), then start painting on with your chalk paint.  We chose a super light pink blush shade. 

Once it is dry, you can distress areas with your sandpaper if you like. We did on this chair.  We also used a little crackle finish in places to add to the vintage appeal.   

Here is a closer look at the paint, complete with distressed areas, and crackle.  And check out that little cowgirl!  I picked her out myself.  We purchased this inexpensive decal on eBay, but you can also print your own at home with decal paper.  

And to finish it off, we added a decal to the back too. This high chair is looking good now, coming and going.  

And as you can see, it is also Babydoll-approved.  

So there you have it.  Another shining example of how you can turn great vintage treasures into something truly special - maintaining the vintage appeal but adding a modern twist. 

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My thrift store addiction said...

That's just adorable & what a precious model you have! Thanks so much for sharing at Vintage Charm--pinned!

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