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Toad Abode

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Today, we found a brave soul taunting our cats on the porch. A tiny toad! (This was minutes of fun for the kiddos!)

When we found this little guy, I thought what a great DIY project this could be!  We can make a toad house for him in our garden.  I dug out a small flowerpot that I had actually purchased to make into a windchime and then partially buried it in the ground.  Then we found a little dish that we could leave water on for him.  

This project is right up Emma's alley! I told her to go find some pretty rocks to leave on the dish, and she went right to work since that is one of the two things she loves to do outside. Inspect rocks and...

water things!

This garden project was a real winner for the kiddos.  Emma has been talking about making a garden for weeks, but the weather has been downright strange. And now that we are getting ready to set off on vacation, I didn't want to plant anything in the garden and not be able to water it right away.  This was the perfect solution. Now she has something to water and a new toad friend to look for every time she goes outside.

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