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How to Remove Scuffs From Patent Leather

Monday, July 22, 2013

THIS secret was just too good not to share. You see, I had just gotten these brand new shoes from Ideeli. (And if you don't yet know about Ideeli, it's this wonderful website that sells designer clothing, shoes, and home goods for discounted prices.)
Anyhootle, back to the story, I had just gotten these fabulous Charles David shoes and I looked down today to see a scuff! What in the world????
I have no idea how I do these things. It's right there on the left one:

Here's a close up so that you can feel my pain:

Never fear! Apparently, nail polish remover (of all things) will help you remove scuffs from patent leather. Who knew?

I just put a little on a Q-tip and gently rubbed it on the scuff until I couldn't see the scuff any more. I let it air dry. I also think I was holding my breath the whole time because I feared that I was ruining my new shoes (but I don't think that had any affect on the outcome). And as it turns out, there was nothing to fear:

Considering that sometimes I am just about as graceful as a one-legged elephant, methinks I'm going to need this trick more often than most people. ;-)
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