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How to Fix Broken Eyeshadow

Friday, July 26, 2013

We've all done it- accidentally dropped and broken an eyeshadow, a blush, a bronzer, or a powder.  In my case, that was just the list of last week's casualties.  Normally, I just chalk this up as a complete loss and toss the shattered powder into the trash as I add a replacement to my shopping list.  Until now...

Thanks to Free People's recent blog entry, we now have the answer we have all been waiting for, and it's super simple, and uses a product you already have in your bathroom cabinet.  Are you ready for this? RUBBING ALCOHOL!!!

The trick?  Simply add enough plain rubbing alcohol to the broken cosmetic offender- enough to saturate it, and then blend it with your finger until smooth.  Leave it to dry for a few hours and it should be as good as new again.

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all the latest in heavensville said...

Wow, I've dropped so many of my MAC Shadows, and had to throw them away because they crumbled.

Thanks for the tip, Deanna, this is good to know!

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