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DIY: Chalkboard Erasers

Monday, July 29, 2013

Remember in Elementary School when at the end of the day you would have to help your teacher wipe the chalkboard clean?  I remember one of my teachers, in particular, using a wet sock.  I wasn't too keen on this task, but I was a good noodle, so I went with the flow.

Anyhoo, just recently we erected our very own chalkboard for our homeschool. I knew the chalkboard was already in the works, so a few weeks back Charlotte, the baby, and I made these spiffy erasers--out of socks!

I bought Charlotte these cute socks a while back.  They are supposed to not match, so you can wear any two together.  I thought it was a clever little idea, that is, until they started developing holes very quickly. 

What we did was just cut the heel part off (where the holes were), stuff the sock with cotton balls (that we puffed out a little bit), and tie them with this decorative cord that I grabbed at the Hobby Lobby.  I left the loops a little long when I tied the bow so that we could hang them on a hook.  While I was at the Hobby Lobby I also got the little tin bucket there to hold all of my chalk.

So...chalkboard, check...erasers, check.  I think we're ready!

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