New Years Closet Cleaning Tips

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Many people like to start organizing their homes in January as part of their New Year's resolutions.

We've brought you several popular posts on organization in the past and I'll link those below for your convenience, but I ran across this infographic the other day that I thought was just too great not to share. First, let's gear up with this thought:


Many of us struggle with cleaning out our closets because while we want them to be neat, we also want to keep everything. Those two forces work against each other so strongly that sometimes we delay the task or just give up on it altogether. My own closet looks like its going to implode right now. Perhaps I should put some of these tips to work myself:

I would note that for me, the "toss it" pile would be a donate pile for any item that is not beyond repair. 

As promised, here are a few other organizational tips should the mood hit you:

Hope these ideas will inspire you to get (and stay) organized in the New Year!


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