How Santa Claus Is Like a Pirate

Sunday, December 8, 2013

A few weeks ago, I bought this T-shirt for Aidyn from Crazy 8:

And, I have to say that until I bought that shirt, it hadn't really dawned on me how much Santa Claus is really like a pirate. Looky at this illustration though, I think you'd be surprised at the resemblance:

Similarities Between Santa Claus and Pirates
  • One travels the world to deliver toys. One travels the world in search of booty.
  • Both are known for their long beards. 
  • Both are known for their iconic hats, boots, belts, and heavy coats.
  • One says "Ho, Ho, Ho!" One says "Yo, Ho, Ho!"
  • One has a team of elves. One has crew members.
  • Both are closely associated with animals: reindeer and parrots.
  • One drinks eggnog, which includes rum. One drinks rum.
  • One is a jolly old elf. One flies the Jolly Roger flag.
So, if you're looking to celebrate Christmas like a true pirate, here are a few things you can do:

Enjoy, mateys!


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