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Living in a Foreign Language

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's time for another book review, and for me, this one was right on time.  You see, John and I just returned from vacation in Italy.  And right before we left, John's very thoughtful mom, Jan, hunted down this book for me to bring along on our trip.  And I am so glad she did!  

Living in a Foreign Language written by actor, Michael Tucker, is the real life account of his experience along with his wife and fellow actor, Jill Eikenberry, as Americans who move to Italy - immersing themselves in the culture, the food, the wine, the the magic that is Italy. 

Here's the brief synopsis for you, courtesy of Amazon: 

"The actor Michael Tucker and his wife, the actress Jill Eikenberry, having sent their last child off to college, were vacationing in Italy when they happened upon a small cottage nestled in the Umbrian countryside. The three-hundred-and-fifty-year-old Rustico sat perched on a hill in the verdant Spoleto valley amid an olive grove and fruit trees of every kind. For the Tuckers, it was literally love at first sight, and the couple purchased the house without testing the water pressure or checking for signs of termites. Shedding the vestiges of their American life, Michael and Jill endeavored to learn the language, understand the nuances of Italian culture, and build a home in this new chapter of their lives. Both a celebration of a good marriage and a careful study of the nature of home, Living in a Foreign Language is a gorgeous, organic travelogue written with an epicurean’s delight in detail and a gourmand’s appreciation for all things fine."

literally read this book each day of our trip, and was just fascinated by the many similarities to what the author wrote about and what we ourselves were experiencing.  He writes much of the book from a "foodie" perspective, which is appropriate since the Italian culture focuses on their fresh ingredients and fantastic meals that last for hours.  We also took a cooking class in Tuscany- more about that a little later- but again, we experienced first hand much of what he detailed so delightfully in this book, and from a similar perspective- Americans living in and soaking up Italian culture.  

Whether you love food, have dreamed of living in Italy, or just want a good and easy read that will literally take you to another place, this may just be the book for you.  Enjoy!

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