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What's in a Name?

Friday, May 22, 2015

By now, you should all know that the newest royal has been born across the pond, and her name is Charlotte.  What a wonderful name!  Of course, we have had our own Charlotte in the family for some time now.  Misty's daughter, Charlotte, became a teenager just this year, and for us, she will always be the "original" Charlotte.

This is one of my very favorite photos of her, taken a couple summers ago when she joined us on Girls' Weekend.


Columnist, Charlotte Atler, recently penned a wonderful piece for Time Magazine called "What to Expect When your Name is Charlotte".  I read it and just died laughing.  Oh my goodness.  I guess I never realized the plight of a Charlotte.  Although, I can tell you from personal experience the plight of a Deanna isn't that easy either.  Starbucks baristas also cringe trying to figure out the best way to misspell my name.  

But back to the Charlottes. She speaks of misspellings and odd nicknames among so many other truths.  Here's one passage to give you a preview.

Unlike Elizabeth, Margaret and Alexandra, the nicknames for Charlotte are few and peculiar. Charlotte is long on the page but short on the tongue, which gives the impression that the name should be shortened. Charlie, Lotte, and Lottie are nice options, but they don’t suit everyone. Your name will inevitably be shortened to Char, which evokes images of fish entrees or blackened meat. Ultimately, I cannot guide you here. Each Charlotte must find her own path.

If you too are a Charlotte, then this is a must read.  Or if you just need a laugh, definitely give this article a spin.  And to all the Charlottes out there, I would say your stock is definitely on the rise. Hang in there, my friends.
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