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Don't Forget to Spring Forward this Weekend!

Friday, March 7, 2014

I feel like I might quite possibly be the only person left on the planet who *didn't* know it was time change weekend.  But in case I'm not alone, here's your friendly reminder.  It is time once again to "Spring Forward" as we make our annual mad dash into (hopefully) some warmer weather and (definitely) some longer days. 

The official time to set your clocks forward is at 2 am on Sunday morning, but if you are like me you will get it done the night before (on Saturday night), or even more likely- much later in the day on Sunday (only after I have botched the time up a couple of times, and totally confused myself.)  

Although, if one of the walls in your house looked like this, you might also conveniently "forget" about time change every six months or so too.   This is actually a massively tall wall in our house that extends from our first floor to the height of our second floor.  We started filling it with large clocks a few years ago.  I actually have another clock on the way to create another "row" soon.  (My husband will love me for that).  In any case, I never realize how much I actually use these clocks for actual time telling until one (or more) of them aren't showing the correct time.  (See the one on the far left!)

So, I imagine we won't go too long past this weekend without getting these up to date.  And I hope you have just as much fun getting all your clocks set forward this weekend, and dealing with the loss of that much-needed hour of sleep.  :)
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