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Free Valentine's Day Printables

Friday, January 10, 2014

You may remember the Walkush Family's trials and tribulations with handmade Valentines last year. Well, this year, I've got a handle on things and I've been scouring the Interwebs for ideas. You see, now that the boys have had a taste of handmade Valentines, they have absolutely no interest in going back. Making them is far too fun! ;-)

So, that being said and with our information from last year firmly implanted in my brain, I've managed to gather a nice group of FREE Valentine's printables that will be easy to assemble - especially since we have two separate sets to do. I've also included ideas below to help with party planning (should you have the need) and decor.

Make sure to check out my FREE Valentine's Day Printables Pinterest Board and my Valentines Day Pinterest Board. I will be loading them up in the days and weeks to come with my latest and greatest findings of FREE Valentine's printables and decor.

Here are my FREE Printable finds so far:

Just Another Day in Paradise has two printables for snack-sized bags of nacho cheese flavored chips (Doritos) - buy these in bulk at Costco if you're thinking of doing this one:

Cupcake Cutiees Designs has multiple printables that can go on either Kool-Aid juice boxes or bottles:

Bloom Designs has a printable that you can print on sticker paper and affix directly onto bubblegum tape:

Dixie Delights has designed a mini Tic-Tac-Toe board that you play with M&Ms:

Delia Creates had designed this Valentine's Card for a glow stick - and glow sticks come in packs from the Dollar Store - can't beat that!

The Silly Pearl Handmade has free Hershey's Kiss stickers and bag label:

And here are a few candy bar wrappers. First up is a "Udaman" wrapper from Jeanne Winters (more suited for YOUR sweetie than for the kids' classmates - but I love this one):

And here are some kid-friendly Monster Wrappers from The Elli Blog:

These Monster Wrappers happen to be part of a full Valentine Party Kit from The Elli Blog:

And I happen to think that this is an EXCELLENT game for any Valentine's Party (three different games with directions and free Chocolate Taste Test Printable Score Card at B. Nute Productions):

Or if you need a game for a kids' party, Makoodle has you covered with this free printable Valentine's Bingo:

If you want to entertain your kids for the first 14 days of February, leave a Valentine's joke in their lunch boxes each day leading up to Valentine's Day. This free printable is courtesy of Over the Big Moon:

And, here are a couple of free printables for decorating purposes. The first is a Tunnel of Love ticket from Flamingo Toes:

The second is a Vintage Kissing Booth Sign by A Geek in Glasses (Hey! I resemble that remark!):

And finally, here are the Harris Sisters' own One Hit Wonders Valentine Printables:

Hope you "love" these as much as I do! ;-)
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