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Christmas Vacation - Do You See What I See?

Saturday, December 20, 2014

By now, you have likely viewed The National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation approximately 3.6 million times if you are anything like our family.  But here are a few little known facts that just might have you viewing it once more this season, if only to check for yourself.  Read on for more.

Rocky never speaks in this movie.  Not one line, not even a mumble, nothing.  Maybe it was that lip fungus he was dealing with.  But then that didn't stop him from biting his sister, Ruby Sue, one fateful night. Hmmm, interesting.

In the scene where Clark finally gets his exterior lights working, and he goes up to each family member one by one and says a little something, his son, Rusty, is not present.

This is the only National Lampoon's Vacation movie that doesn't feature the song Holiday Road. Instead, the now famous Christmas Vacation song replaces the standard tune for this movie only.

Even though the family truckster has since become almost as famous as the movie series itself, the Griswolds drive a different car in this movie, a Ford Taurus station wagon.

Audrey somehow miraculously morphs into the older sibling for this movie.  In both the original Vacation as well as European Vacation, Rusty was portrayed as the older of the two.

At the time of the film's shooting, there was a minor earthquake that occurred during the filming of the arrival scene of Uncle Louis and Aunt Bethany.  If you look closely, you can see the camera shake slightly when Aunt Bethany enters the house.

In the final scene, Ellen tells the cops it is their family's first kidnapping.  But technically that isn't true.  Remember how they kidnapped the security guard at Wally World in the original Vacation
movie?  How quickly we forget.

Ironically, no part of this movie actually takes place on Christmas Day.

Go ahead, check for yourself.  Permission granted to watch this holiday classic just once more.  :)

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