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My Week in Pictures: July 25, 2014

Friday, July 25, 2014

It's Friday once again, and you know what that means.  It's time for the WEEKEND, and time for another "My Week in Pictures", so here we go. 

This week started on a very sweet note.  Homemade banana splits!  I don't think I've had one of these since childhood.  We made our own last week, and they were every bit as good as I remembered.  Yum- umm!!

Also, this week I invested in a sweet little baby carrier.  I had a couple of the looser fitting ones and neither Lexi nor I enjoyed them that much.  I kept feeling like she was going to fall out, and I think she felt the same way, so those didn't work for us.  I researched which types of structured carriers moms liked best, and this one won by a landslide.  The verdict?  Mostly favorable I think.  We both need some more time to get used to it, but I did wear Lexi while cleaning out the refrigerator the other day, and it went well.  So far, so good. 

Also, I was just commenting to John's mom how we needed a large white bow for Lex, and wouldn't you know- one arrived in the mail earlier this week.  Thanks, Jan.  ;)  Here's Lexi modeling it.  Yes, she was asleep at the time, but it was still a cute pic.  We were actually out to dinner at the time, so I didn't dare wake her. 

And here are Daddy and Daughter together.  I know, I know.  She is a mini-John.  Everyone says so.  They are awfully cute together. 

We've been using our evenings to take Lexi out on stroller rides around the neighborhood.  She's been doing great.  I think she enjoys the fresh air.  Just the other night, we were walking through the residential part of our downtown, when I spied this sweet kitty on the porch of one of the historical homes.  He looked so handsome just sitting there, and he let me get close enough for a few snapshots before he decided to move off.  Sweet, sweet fluffball. 

We've also been making time for playtime every day.  Lexi is now kicking the toys hanging from her playmat.  She is so proud of herself when she does it.  She just laughs and smiles.  She's so cute.  

We also did a little shopping this week.  We made it out to Opry Mills Mall, and I discovered that they have a Janie and Jack outlet store there.  Now, that's not the reason we went to the mall, but Janie and Jack trumps all other stores, so we were on it like a duck on a junebug.  John found these sunglasses for Lexi, and here she is modeling them.  They were adorable, although she wasn't so sure about them. 

Nonetheless, you can see that they made it into the shopping bag, along with a few other choice finds.  :)

The actual reason we were headed to Opry Mills was to visit the Nautica store.  It's one of the many brands that is owned by VF Corporation (the company hubby works for), so he gets a tidy discount there.  This was my contribution to supporting VF. 

In other news, our garden is in full swing.  And thank heavens some of my rose bushes have managed to come back to life.  Sadly, many of them didn't survive the unseasonably harsh winter this year.  But these heirloom roses smell as lovely as they look.  So glad to see they are thriving now. 

Our pond is buzzing with life this summer too.  Lots of fish, old and new.  The big ones are getting bigger, and our "babies" aren't really babies anymore.  These lilies are showing off every day now.  They open every day during the day and close at night. 

Yesterday, I took Babydoll for a stroll around Downtown Franklin.  This is one shop we have been meaning to visit, and yesterday we did!  It's called "The Vintage Baby".  How perfect!

Here's a look at some of the inventory there.  Oh my!  We were in hog heaven.  We only window shopped yesterday.  But it was right up our alley.

We lunched at our favorite deli.  It's so eclectic- mixed tables and chairs, and these cute ball jars with fresh flowers always grace the tables.  We had a leisurely lunch and then continued on our afternoon stroll. 

I'll leave you with a couple looks at my two babies.  On any given day, you can just about figure that where you find one of them, the other is sure to be close by. 

Thick as thieves, I say. 

Now this is the height of true love - letting your sister use you as a footstool.  

So that's what we've been up to this week.  We are sure looking forward to another weekend, and hope you are too.  However you spend it, make it a good one!

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