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Photo-Scavenger Hunt at the Zoo

Friday, May 9, 2014

We went to the zoo yesterday with our local home school group.  If you live in NC, the zoo offers a free trip to the students in your home school family (this excludes preschool age children) and one adult once a year.  Our home school group came up with a little list of pics to take, and I thought, "What a neat idea!"  It's kind of like a scavenger hunt, but what you are looking for is opportunities to snap some funny photos.  We got some good ones too!

If you want to try this out, here is our list and some examples (tee hee):

1.  Picture trying to lick the inside of your nose with a giraffe in the background.

2.  Giraffe licking the inside of his nose.

3.  Three animals together

4.  Someone with a crying kid

5.  Kid doing something crazy at the playground or on a statue.

6.  White Bengal Tiger

7.  A REALLY Ugly Animal

8.  Close up of a snake

9.  Looking like an animal is chasing you

10.  Looking like one of the animals (real or statue) ate one of your body parts

11.  Imitating a chimpanzee

12.  Picture with volunteer

13.  Bird sitting on you or near you

14.  Picture with animal hats or puppets in the gift shop

15.  On the train

16.  Picture with polar bear swimming behind you

17.  You in the photo in front of a monkey

18.  Making fishy faces by the fish tank

Considering that my kids couldn't scavenge their collective way out of a paper bag, I would have to say this scavenger hunt was pretty awesome!

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