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Heaven South

Friday, April 21, 2017

Brad Paisley just released a new album today, for the first time in three years.  And among the new releases is a song called Heaven South.  As a long time Brad Paisley fan, of course I like it.  But once I caught a glimpse of the video, I was sold even more.  He actually filmed the video in our own backyard- downtown Franklin, TN.  GASP!!!

We have lived here for years.  It is just a few miles south of Nashville (perhaps appropriately lending itself to the song title "Heaven South") and has all the small town southern charm that you could ever hope for.  It's a modern day Norman Rockwell painting come to life.  It's also home to many of the great country music stars old and new- Brad Paisley included.   What a beautiful place to call home!  

Brad Paisley hasn't even released this video yet to his YouTube channel, but he did pop it out on his official Facebook page yesterday, and my little town has once again become "Facebook famous"!  

Yep, that's our town square, our courthouse, our local theatre, our main street, and our little back roads.  Yes, we live in Heaven South.  We kind of always knew it. 
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