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Sleeping on Silk

Friday, September 16, 2016

For years now, I have heard that silk pillowcases are the secret weapon for preventing wrinkles- both in your skin and your hair.  And I have often thought- hmmm, that's interesting.  I should look into that.

And then I promptly forget all about it and move on to something else.  Well, this summer I actually took the plunge and purchased a silk pillowcase for my favorite pillow.  So let me just tell you how it's working out so far. 

My primary interest in silk pillowcases was for my hair.  You see, I have the softest hair known to man.  It is very impressionable, shall we say.  It bends and crimps at my slightest little movement each and every night.

And I usually awake to very weird hair that I have to spend time flattening and straightening to work back into it's usual shape.  When I started looking into silk pillowcases, people were reporting that they kept their hair super smooth all night.  I thought perhaps it could do the same for me, and I was very excited to give it a try. 

I've had my pillowcase for about a month or so now.  And I have to agree with the reviews that I read. It does indeed protect your hair from frizzies and wrinkles.  I awake (most) mornings to very smooth and straight hair, which saves me a lot of time getting ready in the morning, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that. 

People also swear that sleeping on silk also helps to prevent skin wrinkles.  It is far too soon for me to accurately report on that.  However, I can say that I have not awoken to any weird pillow marks on my face or neck since I've been using my new pillowcase, and that's a definite plus.  Those marks take forever to fade, and always give the impression that you just rolled out of bed no matter how long you've been awake.

Overall, I do love my new silk pillowcase.  It feels like a dream- very cool and comfortable to sleep on.  And I love the effects it has had on my hair (and presumably on my skin too) so far.  I purchased my silk pillowcases on Amazon, and carefully read all the reviews first.

A Couple of Words of Warning 

Satin is not at all the same as silk.  If you are looking to take the plunge on this endeavor, make sure you are buying the right thing.  It has to be SILK.

And you will need to hand wash and air dry your pillowcase so don't just throw it in the laundry with the rest of your things when it's time to change your bedding. 

 Happy sleeping!

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