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Vintage Pink Nursery Rhyme Glassware

Monday, January 18, 2016

Just in time for our next grand holiday, Valentine's Day, I present to you my latest and greatest vintage pink glassware treasures.  As I have shown you before, I like to use pink depression glass in my Valentine table setting each year.  I actually spied these pieces last summer and brought them home to store until now.  It's time once again to decorate for Valentine's Day, so these beauties are making their debut for the very first time this year.  

This little set includes six pieces: a small pitcher, two glasses, one handled mug, a divided plate, and a bowl.  And each piece actually depicts old nursery rhyme quotes and images.  And while I was instantly drawn to this beautiful pink glassware, it's definitely not depression glass, which is fine by me.  I still love it just as much and will mix it right in with my other pieces. 

Here are the drinkware pieces.

And here are some closeups so you can see what drew me to these super sweet pieces in the first place.  Humpty Dumpty graces the side of the handled mug. 

Here are the two juice glasses.  They are a matching pair of "Jack and Jill" glasses. 

One side of each of the glasses has the actual rhyme on it. 

And the other side is an image of the characters themselves. 

Here's the small pitcher.  It's a really solid little piece, in great shape and features two nursery rhymes on it. 

One side is "Mary had a Little Lamb".

While the other side is "Jack Jumped over the Candlestick".

Then finally, we have the dishes.  This is the divided plate, and it features a couple more rhymes: "See Saw Margery Daw" and "Where are you Going My Pretty Maid?"

The bowl was super difficult to photograph so you'll have to take my word for it.  The image in the bottom of the bowl is of Mother Goose, while "Little Bo Peep", "Three Blind Mice" and "Little Miss Muffet" are printed around the edges of the bowl. 

So there you have it.  Another vintage find and I'm a happy girl.  These will be tucked right into the Valentine's decor in my dining room this year.  Stay tuned to the blog for more Valentine's decorating in the coming weeks!

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