One Man's Trash: Vintage Snoopy Plush

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Looky who I recently rescued!  It's an oversized Snoopy from many moons ago, and he is just fantastic!!  Never one to pass on vintage Peanuts, this pup was just too good to be true.   I spied him at the very last second as we were literally walking out the door of my favorite hometown "treasure" shop this spring.   I grabbed him up the second I laid my eyes on him and walked him directly to the register.  

I believe I paid a whopping $8 for him, which is pricey compared to a lot of the loot for sale in this particular shop, but I'm pretty sure the owners also knew they had something special here.  

They certainly don't make stuffed animals like this anymore. He has one small tag that doesn't really give any clues about his age.  But I have my own personal connection to help me date this pup.  When we were little girls, Mama used to let us look through her old photo albums, and I will never forget a single photo that she took of her collection of stuffed animals when she was young.  Among those stuffed animals was a Snoopy that looked exactly like this one! That is all I could think from the moment I spied him.   I had to have him! And if my calculations are correct, that would date this little fella to the 1960s, I'm thinking.   If so, he is roughly 50 or so years young, if not more. AMAZING!   And he's all mine.  He's found his forever home, and we are both just over the moon!


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